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B-Klasse F-Cell

Mercedes-Benz has announced that they will release Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell Cars – Mercedes Benz first mass market fuel cell vehicles up by one, to 2014. Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche told to the reporters in a media roundtable in NY that his company is very impressed with the current experience touring three pre-production vehicles worldwide as part of the 30,000 km F-Cell World Tour Drive Tour, ensuring that the time is right to proceed Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell Cars.

Zetsche confirmed that technically Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell Cars is ready for the market. Zetsche said, "We have proven that by sending three vehicles with a fuel cell around the globe without any relevant problems. The issue is infrastructure. We made this trip to prove technology is ready and we need partners to take care of infrastructure.”

Currently, there are already about 200 hydrogen fueling stations around the world. In Germany alone, to provide coverage adequate hydrogen fuel nationally, Mercedes Benz should at least provide approximately 1000 stations would have come online.
The first fuel cell car is probably the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell release, which is exhibited in a tour of the World Drive. This car is based on platform B-Class Mercedes, a small family car class was first introduced in 2005 and went to the United States for 2012.

The Fuel cell variants of B-Class is equipped with an electric motor coupled to the front wheels to the output 136 hp. The vehicle's approximate range of 250 miles easily bests any of the currently announced mass-market plug-in electric vehicles, but Daimler is ready to admit, the price is still a major obstacle for fuel cells.

"The target is to be cost-wise by the middle of the decade at the level of the diesel hybrid, which is not cheap, but marketable today," said Zetsche at the roundtable. "It's a challenging target, but a realistic target."

By year's end, 70 B-Class F-Cells are scheduled to hit Los Angeles roads as part of a $850-per-month, 36-month test lease program.

Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell Cars

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